Donations to IFund Women Campaign

Donations to IFund Women Campaign

Backto Nature Oils
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I’m Suzell and the owner of Backto Nature Oils for Skin & Hair. I have over 30 years experience with the study and use of herbs and oils as homeopathic purposes.

My products are hand-crafted with oils which are macerated and infused using natural vegan products which consist of fresh fruits, herbs, flowers and essential oils. My Oils, Butters, Scrubs and sprays aids to improve the appearance of, moisturize and restore the skin and hair by using the resources given to us naturally by God and His creation.

I want to offer natural and healthier alternatives for skin and hair care needs. I also use this business as my ministry to help those in need. I have donated to causes to churches and other ministries helping the community. I offer free anointing oil as well and share on the importance of prayer to God to meet all our needs.

I am an online retail store as well as a mobile Artisan that sells at shows, events and market. I am looking to expand my territory and customers.

Funds will be used to purchase bigger ticket items such as equipment, conducive for the growing demands of my company, and to expand the line of products to offer other natural healthier solutions for the skin, body and hair.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit my IFund Women and thankful for your consideration.

God bless you,
Suzell Vega
Business Owner
John 3:16